Our Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor each quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen 0SSN John Regina. 



John recently reached out with photo's he wished to share with our shipmates. As usual when someone contacts me with info for our site, it gets my wheels spinning. Many of us joined the Navy and had no real idea / thought about where it might take us. John's story, SN to CO peaked my interest so I asked him if he would be willing to share his story and I'm glad he did. 


OSSN Regina reported aboard Concord in 1974 and I'm sure like many of us had no real vision where his time on board might lead him. You can see from the photos below that he went from a crazy young seaman to assuming command of USNS Obregon in 2019. A true success story Captain, and glad to share it with our troops.


Thanks, John. 



You can learn more about John and this journey below, in his own words:

Feel free to click on each picture for a larger view :)

Concord mess cook berthing 1974
John in white hat, Sal standing in front of him

Concord mess cook berthing 1974
John on the left, Tom Fox on the right

2019 Captain

Master Chief / OPS LCPO
Aboard USS John F Kennedy

Captain Regina / Commanding officer USNS Obregon


John's comments:
1.    What years did you serve and what was your rate/rank while on Concord:

  Nov 73-Jan 75. I reported as OSSN and advanced to OS3 just before transferring to USS Capodanno DE/FF-1093

2.    What department and division were you assigned and who did you work for: OI Division and 3 months mess cooking

3.  Who did you hang out with: Off duty I did not hang out with anyone from the ship. These was an A school class mate of mine on the USS Basilone and always hung out with him. To this day we still get together whenever we can. On duty  I hung out with SH Tom Fox. I have nothing but great memories of him.

4.  List any cruises or deployments during your assignment:

  We deployed on a refer run to the Med, Dec73-Jan 74 and full deployment to the Med  Mar-Sep 1974

5.  What is your fondest memory of Concord: Our port visit to Greece

6.  What is your worst memory of Concord:

When a crewman was thrown overboard at night. It was 23:45 right when I was due to get off watch. I manned the DRT in CIC calculating the bearing and range to the man. We found him at minute 22. I am glad I played a part in his rescue.

 7. Any additional thoughts / memories i.e. commissioning Concord etc.:

This is a good and bad memory. Many years latter 1995 I was heading to Washington to assume the duty as the OS rating assignment detailer Master Chief billet. I stopped at a Leer Camper shell store and ran into my old LPO, OS1 Reynolds Moore. I did not recognize him. He recognized me. When I was on the ship, he never said anything nice to me. He always gave me a hard time.  In our conversation he told me that there was a NIS investigation of Ops department for drugs. I was shocked to hear that I was only 18 and never drank an never touched any illegal drugs. I could not believe it. I asked him if they investigated me? He responded “ I told those people that John was the only person in the department that he was 100% certain was not doing drugs. All he ever does off duty is read about the worlds navies and ships”  I realized then that he really was not giving me a hard time but was just trying to whip me into shape. In 2019 when I was reporting to assume command of USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon T-AK 3006, I went to see him and learned he passed away. I went to his resting place, prayed for him and asked God to thank him for me.


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