As you've probably read in our "Concord history page", here at our site, we were not the first sailors to sail a ship named after Concord. Actually there have been several but Concord (CL-10) which was home to our greatest generation sailors has much history to tell \ teach. You can read about CL-10 at our history page, but we've created this page "Concord CL-10" for the stories of our "foresailors" who paved our way. Special thanks to those sailors who sailed that are still with us, and family members who wished to  cement their memories in our site for honour. 
If you or a family member sailed CL-10 and would like to contribute stories \ pictures please contact the webmaster below. 

 BM1 Harry Roy Olson

photo submitted by Jenni Olson

Jenni Olson, daughter of BM1 Harry Roy Olson (1921-1985), contacted us after finding our site and wished to contribute her fathers pictures here at our site. Of course we readily agreed to publish his memories and each time we receive these moments in time they reflect on each sailors time serving and causes a reflection into our own time we served. As you peruse Jenni's pictures just think of the special times these were and in particular the shell-back initiation. I was fortunate enough to shed my pollywog skin on-board AFS-5 in September of 1985 and while I felt like this was "real navy" it seems to pale in comparison to what Roy went through. Also, pay special attention the minute man statue above the air tight door in pictures "friends under the statue" and "on the deck of Concord".

Thanks for sharing, Jenni 

photo submitted by Jenni Olson
BM1 Olson right, Jack White from OK on the left
photo submitted by Jenni Olson

Crossing the line ceremony
photo submitted by Jenni Olson

On the deck of Concord
photo submitted by Jenni Olson

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Darwin W. McMahon's personal pictues aboard USS CONCORD CL-10: 

Darwin W. McMahon (April 1915 - February 1986)
Jo Ann still holds the ribbon from his hat!

Carpenter Shop

New Years feast!
Cigars, cigarettes and coffee made this meal complete!

Catapulting one of her two sea planes!
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Hi my name is Curtis Creek. My Papaw was in WWII on the USS Concord CL-10. Here is his story that he wrote, and was printed in a book. I hope you can put this on your web page. I have read this story so many times,but he has told us this story more than I can ever count. Of course all of this story is true, this is a cleaner version. Us grand kids have heard all the horror that happend on his ship. Things that brought tears to my Papaws eyes, and he was a man that never cried. I sure miss my Papaw....RIP PAPAW .....
    Marvin Eugene " Bud " Law
          1927 - 2010





I received an email from a member of our nations "Greatest Generation" who actually sailed on USS CONCORD CL-10, and served with Bud (Marvin Eugene " Bud " Law) Curtis Creek's Grandpa 'story and photo at the bottom of this page'. What a treat to have John Parr's story at our Concord site and it is posted below along with a link to his scrap book............enjoy!

I Found your info page on USS Concord(CL-10)
Bud and I were close friends on the Conc in the same division.
I have some material you could add to your history.
When we left Japan after the surrender we were sent to Boston for Navy Day 1945.
Because the ship was named after Concord Mass, we went there. Our Mascot was a brass Minuteman.
Our Task Group accepted a separate Peace signing in Omato-Amaori Harbor.
Our Com. Officer was a photographer and he recorded it for the Task force'
When we arrived in Boston the Navy Dept made booklets of the signing and the 5 ships in the Task Group gave them to the visitors visiting the ship.
I keep one in a scrap book for many years and it began to crumble. I was able to transfer it to my computer.
If you would like to add it to your history, I would be glad to send it too you.
My friend Bud and I were the 2 youngest in the crew. I went in on my 17th birthday and Bud who was from Alva Ok. Where his father was sheriff, was 15. He was such a devil his father signed for him as 17 to keep him out of jail.

Click below to view John's scrap book:


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